CPEM 2018 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

The CPEM 2018 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, intended to promote best results presented at CPEM 2018, will be published in 2019.

The CPEM 2018 Special Issue will contain papers selected on the basis of the results of regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted for consideration by the participants of CPEM 2018. Each manuscript should be based on a paper published in the CPEM 2018 Digest (Proceedings) and presented at CPEM 2018. However, the manuscript MUST be significantly extended beyond the scope of the digest paper (in terms of the overall TECHNICAL content and research results).

Special issue manuscript may ONLY be uploaded in the period of June 17th to July 10th, 2018. Please DO NOT try to submit your papers earlier, since the CPEM Special Issue folder in Allentrack will not be available. NO LATE MANUSCRIPTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Preparation for Special Issue Manuscript Submission Please carefully read this page, under “Paper Submission Instructions”. Instructions on that page contain information of vital importance for the problem-free submission. The SI to submit to is called “CPEM 2018”.

Notice: The CPEM 2018 paper identifier should be put in the upper right-hand corner of every document to be submitted.

Further information and help:

Mrs. Reta Wehmeier
Editorial Assistant
E-mail: reta1977@gmail.com

With the Patronage of
Registration opening: 16 October 2017

First call for papers: 16 October 2017

Deadline for Travel Support Application:
26 January 2018

Deadline for 2-Page Summary Paper Submission:
26 January 2018

Author Notification of Acceptance and mode of presentation: 29 March 2018

Notification of Acceptance for Travel Support Application: April 2018

Deadline for Speaker/Poster Presenter Registration:
25 April 2018  4 May 2018

Deadline for Registration at Early Bird Rate:
25 April 2018  4 May 2018 

Dynamic programme online : 30 May 2018

Extended-Paper deadline: 17 July 2018


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